In 2007 Louise won the first prize in design contest Mooi uit de Brand with her Chick-a-Dee smoke detector design. The smoke detector is now available in stores in the Netherlands.

Her design is inspired upon miners and nature. Since 1900 birds were used to protect mineworkers from danger. The canary is especially sensitive for dangerous gasses such as carbon monoxide. These gasses are mostly odorless, and have no color and are therefore impossible for humans to detect. Miners took the canaries in a small cage with them down into the mines. The canary whistled and sang the whole day, and was a welcome distraction from the harsh work in the mines. When the canary showed the smallest sign of unrest this was a clear sign for the miners to evacuate the mine as soon as possible. The bird was not only a good means of protection for miner, his presence was pleasant and gave the miners a feeling of safety and therefore formed an integrated part of the life of the miners.